NCM Launches Secure Investor PortalĀ 

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January 18, 2021

Proactive is better than reactive when it comes to security and keeping confidential client and investor information safe. 


The threat of fraudulent activity in the financial industry is ever present, and has reached new levels of sophistication in modern times. A fact which is abundantly clear in the media, with criminals going to increasing lengths to obtain funds through illicit methods. For the fund industry, the rise in Impersonation & Account Takeover Fraud are particular areas of concern given the non-face-to-face nature of transactions, often involving large sums or cross boarder payments. 


Increasing Security Measures for Communication 

NCM is thrilled to launch our Investor Portal, a secure online environment where fund documents can be published and stored. Individual users are sent an invitation to register, giving them access to documents pertaining to their investment. Routine documents such Drawdown Notices, Investor Reports, Tax Pages and Capital Statements are administered through the portal, which also serves as a repository for original fund documents such as the Limited Partnership Agreement or Prospectus. 


Once registered, users log in using two-factor authentication ensuring that only the intended recipient can retrieve documents. This also means that investors can be certain that documents being viewed are from an authentic source. It is also possible for users to submit enquiries and provide bank details through the portal, ensuring that sensitive information cannot be intercepted. The Investor Portal can be accessed by clicking a notification e-mail link, or directly from the NCM homepage. 


Please get in touch if you would like a demo, or just to find out more about NCMs fund administration services. 


The Investor Portal is supported by FIS, with seamless integration with our Investran CRM system.