How Our Team Is Adapting In Lockdown - Week 1

N News

April 08, 2020

At NCM, like all companies, we are adapting to all team remote working and trying hard to keep team spirits up as well as get the usual work done. As well as virtual coffee chats we have out of hours quiz nights and more in the diary. To assist in this, Kathleen is setting a weekly challenge with a gift voucher for a local business as a prize for the best response. Week 1’s challenge was to share 5 things the team had discovered in week one of lockdown that fell into the “positive discoveries/ things they didn’t know/appreciate before“ category or had been a complete revelation! A few recurring themes came through, including the fact that most of us appreciated spending more time with family, most were cooking more, all are catching up with friends albeit virtually and most reported that their parents etc had adapted to social isolation and technology with relative ease.


The winner was “I did the Joe Wicks workout on day 1 of official lockdown (this is the positive bit). He said I would feel “invigorated and refreshed” but I wanted to cry, eat the contents of my fridge and have a nap. I have been on “rest day” ever since.“


To entertain we have picked out some of the other responses below... We will report on the results of this week’s challenge in due course. Stay safe and well all.


  • Discovered why dogs get excited by walks and like going on them so much!
  • Communication and relationships feel stronger although we are all apart.
  • I was worried about not having pineapple available for my healthy breakfast but it turned out this is the only item I can certainly buy in my local Tesco.
  • Although we have always spent time together as a family, we are definitely spending our time more constructively rather than all just being in the same room together. We all take part in a nightly quiz and the kids have been more involved in the planning and cooking of meals.
  • I’m saving on makeup cause I don’t wear any now and what I save on diesel/train/aforementioned makeup, I spend on Amazon (a yogurt maker?!) And online classes via Zoom.