How NCM Will Continue To Provide You Quality Service During COVID-19

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March 22, 2020

We are living in interesting times and at NCM, like most of the country, we have moved to full remote working in line with government advice. We are confident we can still meet our client deliverables and thankfully our staff, to date, are all fit and healthy. Being an Edinburgh based company has meant we are not having the same immediate challenge on resource that many other firms are facing but we are not being complacent. We have had the health and well being of our staff at the heart of our Covid planning. However, we are also keen for our clients to have the same level of service as normal and this has been high priority in our contingency planning. We have also introduced new protocols to protect clients around banking payments etc as aware of increased phishing as criminals seeing this an opportunity with more people working from home.


The Board recognise the importance of keeping the morale of our great team as high as it can be and have introduced regular all team calls and senior management calls to ensure there is effective communication. We are also encouraging the use of video/Skype etc as often as we can to “see” each other and a team WhatsApp group chat for cheery chat. The more inventive team members have suggested movie nights using the group sharing facility on Netflix and remote pub quizzes so social things stay on our agenda too albeit we will be all in different locations but at least not far to go home!


We look forward to getting back to business as usual and send our best regards for good health to all our clients, contacts and their families.